Firm Culture

Sulloway & Hollis has a long tradition of excellence and we believe it’s because of the caliber and quality of our people. The majority of our staff has been with us for more than 10 years, and many have made their careers here.

This is the place where employees are encouraged to learn, explore, and become better people. We value flexibility, fairness, and thoughtful decision making. In return, our staff knows that success is achieved through teamwork and mutual support. Our goal is to create and maintain a working environment where staff and lawyers can grow and prosper.

As lawyers, we govern our affairs with guidelines we call “Fair Practice Policies.” These provide our expectations with respect to minimum hours, non-billable time, charging and billing clients, mentoring associates, promoting young partners, professional development, client development, and sharing in the firm’s management and operations. Essentially, we view ourselves as an integrated whole with responsibilities and obligations towards each other.

We have a strong connection to our community and encourage our staff to become involved, volunteer, and take initiative to improve the place where we live and work. We have a long history of generous pro-bono legal support for those unable to afford counsel.

We strive to balance life inside the firm with life outside the firm. We understand that everyone goes home at the end of a long day to family, to community, and to a myriad of activities and obligations. Sulloway is a place where service and commitment is honored and recognized. We realize our firm’s long-term success is because of our people – each and every one of them.