Jay Surdukowski Presents to Risk Managers on Dealing with Stalking of Healthcare Providers and the Phenomena of “Permanent Patients”

Jay Surdukowski of Sulloway’s Concord, New Hampshire office, recently spoke to Risk Managers affiliated with the Granite State Insurance Exchange about equitable and criminal solutions to two kinds of challenges facing hospitals: stalking of healthcare providers and “permanent patients” – patients who are cleared for discharge but who won’t leave or cooperate with safe discharge planning.

Surdukowski spoke about how sometimes there is not an easy answer to these challenges and the typical routine of a civil lawsuit or guardianship proceeding doesn’t always quite fit the bill.  Surdukowski explained that equitable relief from a court and/or involving law enforcement are sometimes helpful tools when there is no easy solution in sight to particularly difficult or scary situations.

Navigating equitable or criminal solutions can implicate issues of balancing patient care with an adversarial posture, trigger concerns over patient privacy, and lead to potential risk exposure for further litigation by a disgruntled or mentally ill patient.  Mindful of these challenges, Surdukowski outlined case studies and a menu of different options for solutions that balance compassion with zealous advocacy to preserve hospitals as safe spaces for acute care for our communities.