Jay Surdukowski Publishes Article “How to Spend $1 Million in NH Politics” – a Road Map for Businesses Who Want to be Active in Politics

With several significant campaign finance reform bills pending in the Legislature this year, the New Hampshire Business Review has timely published Jay Surdukowski’s article “How to Spend $ 1 million in NH Politics.”

The article reviews the various ways that New Hampshire businesses can contribute to political campaigns publicly or anonymously under current law.  While a small group of business leaders have historically  been active participants in the last ten years, many businesses are unaware how broadly they may impact state elections through their lawful contributions.

The full article may be accessed here.

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Jay Surdukowski, a Member of the Firm based in  Sulloway’s Concord, New Hampshire office, has served as counsel to the last two Democratic candidates for New Hampshire Governor.  He serves both business and litigation clients of the Firm by providing advice and litigating cases both in court and before administrative agencies.