Managing Labor Relations With Skill And Precision

Labor law is notoriously complex. For employers, navigating this area of law requires more than just bare compliance. A prudent approach requires taking proactive measures to reduce risks and promptly addressing labor-related disputes as they arise.

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(Left to right: William D. Pandolph and Christopher J. Pyles)

At Sulloway & Hollis, our Labor and Employment Law Practice Group is an industry leader in helping employers navigate the nuances of labor law. We understand the challenges that often confront employers in this highly convoluted and politicized area of law. Drawing on a wealth of experience, our attorneys provide comprehensive counseling, training and litigation services for employers across New England.

Helping Employers Achieve Success

We help employers take concrete steps to successfully manage labor relations. Our attorneys assist clients with:

  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing collective bargaining agreements (CBAs)
  • Conducting educational seminars and training for management, human resources departments and employees
  • Navigating union election campaigns
  • Developing strategies to prevent union formation in the nonunionized arena
  • Providing ongoing guidance on labor issues that arise during day-to-day operations

We serve clients in a wide array of industries, with a special focus on health care providers, medical institutions, school districts, educational institutions and municipalities.

Protecting Employers’ Interests In Labor-Related Disputes

A major part of our practice involves addressing labor-related disputes. Our attorneys handle grievance investigations and arbitration involving issues such as:

  • Performance evaluations
  • Employee disciplinary matters
  • Terminations
  • Unfair employment practices
  • Breaches of the CBA
  • Other alleged violations of employees’ rights

Should the grievance proceed to litigation, our legal team includes strong trial attorneys with extensive experience appearing before federal courts and the National Labor Relations Board. As a result, we are well-prepared to protect the interests of management.

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