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March 24, 2023

Robert Whitney Testifies Before Boston City Council

Sulloway Member Robert Whitney testified before the Boston City Council in favor of a Home Rule Petition to expand the Beacon Hill Historic District in Boston so that it would include all of the Beacon Hill historic neighborhood.

The Boston City Council subsequently unanimously voted in favor of the Home Rule Petition.  The Home Rule Petition now heads to Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, who is expected to sign it.  Then it heads to the State Legislature for review and consideration.  If it is passed into law by the State Legislature and signed by the Governor, almost 85,000 additional square feet will be added to the Historic District.

The last time that a similar addition to the Beacon Hill Historic District took place was almost 60 years ago.  As Chair of the Beacon Hill Civic Association until last summer, when he retired from the Board of Directors after 18 years, Whitney led the Association’s long-term efforts to get the Boston City Council to pass the Home Rule Petition.

View the Home Rule Petition Here