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Former Employees are Fair Game in Litigation

Commercial litigators are very familiar with the age-old client question: “Can the opposing party contact my former employee directly?” While ... Read more

Legislative Update: New Legislation is Brewing for New Hampshire’s Beverage Industry

Though, unlike the U.S. House of Representatives, New Hampshire’s House does not have a “hopper,” there is new legislation brewing in the ... Read more

Timothy P. Frawley Joins Sulloway & Hollis as a Member

Providence, RI – March 14, 2022: Sulloway & Hollis welcomes Timothy Frawley to the firm as a Member. Mr. Frawley brings more than 25 years of ... Read more

Eric R. Passeggio Joins Sulloway & Hollis

Eric Passeggio joins Sulloway & Hollis as a Member focusing his practice representing and advising utility & propane companies. Concord, NH ... Read more

NH Company Owners Beware the “FREEZE-Out”

A recent Hillsborough County Superior Court decision affirms LLC operating agreement where members waive traditional fiduciary duties of utmost care ... Read more

Consequential vs. Direct Damages

Supreme Court Provides Guidance Under New Hampshire Law The New Hampshire Supreme Court recently upheld a decision of the Merrimack County Superior ... Read more

Solar Energy – We’re still getting used to the change

The allure of free, clean, unlimited energy from the sun has always been tantalizing. Seemingly for decades, we have been on the cusp of the big ... Read more

No Relief for the Contractor that Failed to Build the Unity Elementary School

Sometimes you can win the battle, and still lose the war. That was the case recently when a contractor received a default order in its favor, but was ... Read more

Updated Information on the CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program and Loan Forgiveness

This Program allows banks to lend directly to businesses, and those loans will be backed by the Small Business Administration (“SBA”). This bill ... Read more

Liability Waivers in Aviation

The majority rule in the United States favors the enforcement of liability waivers / releases immunizing parties from future liability for their ... Read more