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October 31, 2018

Condominium Act Amendments

Since 2001, the New Hampshire Legislature has amended the New Hampshire Condominium Act, RSA 356-B, numerous times. Existing condominiums were not exempted from these changes in the law, therefore, all condominium associations have an obligation to review and, if necessary, revise their condominium documents to comply with the new provisions of the law.

The more notable changes include:

  • New notice periods for annual and special meetings of the Members;
  • New record retention requirements for certain condominium records;
  • New requirements regarding Board meetings, including: minimum frequency, open meeting requirements, and limits on executive sessions;
  • New power of members to reject a Board budget

To avoid future problems or lawsuits arising from claims that an association is violating the law, every condominium owners’ association should revise their Declarations, Bylaws, and Rules to comply with the new amendments.

Our lawyers are ready and willing to review your documents and to recommend any amendments that may be necessary to bring them into compliance with the law. Please contact Attorney Peter F. Imse at (603) 223-2800 or email him at, if you would be interested in such a review.