Our team is uniquely positioned to offer effective, practical, and strategic counsel to companies in the New Hampshire craft brewing and beverage industry. This includes brewers, brewpubs, tasting rooms, distributors, and suppliers. We work with start-ups and established operations to help navigate the legal and business issues and advise clients on the complex laws, rules, and regulations enforced by federal and state agencies on the craft beer industry.

The attorneys at Sulloway & Hollis embrace the independent spirit and small business values that are integral to the craft brewing and beverage industry. We work with and advise craft breweries on a wide range of legal issues affecting their business, including

  • Business entity formation
  • Obtaining federal, state, and local permits
  • Brewer’s notice application and state and local licenses
  • Human resources and employment law issues
  • On-going business counsel
  • Intellectual property rights (including Trademark and Copyright protections)
  • Real estate leasing and land use issues
  • Distribution and supplier contracts

The craft beer and beverage industry continues to expand and grow.  Brewpubs, microbreweries, nanobreweries, and others are constantly innovating and bringing interesting new beers and beverages to the market. Compliance with State and Federal laws is more important than ever, as is brand protection. Beverage law penalties are unforgiving and brand protection starts on day one of operations, so having an experienced attorney to help you navigate the specifics of alcohol and beverage law is critical.

If you have questions about your brewery or beverage industry business, please contact us.

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